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About Us

CHARLOTTE ROSE is an Australian owned women’s fashion label. The brand is defined by an essence of femininity, confidence, allure and independent style.

The CHARLOTTE ROSE collection is designed exclusively in Melbourne through our creative, symbiotic process. 

The concept is simple: fashionable, high quality pieces at accessible prices for women to embrace their individuality and the power of expression through their wardrobe. Our purpose is to provide good quality material especially silk but still in an affordable prices for most women’s who love wearing high quality pieces.

The majority of the CHARLOTTE ROSE collection is produced out of our own manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. We aim to reduce our prices to enable most women’s to be able to access our ranges by reducing other costs like advertisement, professional models and photographer, store hiring and other unnecessary cost. 

Our main focus is to save those extra expenses to pay for the quality of our material to ensure our customer is happy with the product they purchase at an affordable price.